The Lost Recordings


The Lost Recordings collection is the work of passionate people united around a common dream:
bring back to life legendary artists and give you the opportunity to live, for one concert, the powerful emotions of a live experience.

Through the true work of sound archaeologists, our partner Fondamenta managed to exhume unreleased recordings of 4 jazz greats:
Sarah Vaughan, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans and Dave Brubeck.

A unique remastering process based on Expert Pro technologies and developed by Fondamenta allowed us to recover the immense beauty of these recordings.
This collection, available in a limited edition vinyl and for the first time on lacquers, offers a unique journey through time.

Sarah Vaughan by Devialet

Sarah Vaughan

Live at Laren Jazz Festival - 1975


Bill Evans Trio by Devialet

Bill Evans Trio

Live at Hilversum - 1968


Oscar Peterson Trio by Devialet

Oscar Peterson Trio

Live at Concertgebouw - 1961


Dave Brubeck Quartet by Devialet

Dave Brubeck Quartet

Live at the Kurhaus - 1967